Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Horror poetry

Reading original dark poetry on-line is fun. Much of it is bad, but even not so good poetry can have good lines. Here are a few lines from two poems and two full poems that I like for their macabre imagery or pathos. The poets are women of course.

...lets twist and pull
we'll bend and break
see how much our dolly can take... from "Broken Toy" by Beautiful Illusions

...My sleeves rolled down today,
Cuts kept under linen and lace.
Want to scream that I'm hurting,
But I keep the emotions off my face... from "It Was Me" by I am Mouse

"Vampire Cat" by Aharris
Glistening fangs and gleaming claws,
Teeth that pierce and jaws like saws,
Its blood red eyes that pierce the moon,
My fate is awaiting it will be here soon.

"Dreams" by Cherise
I dreamt of you again
last night
we were curled
around each other
like twins in the womb
protected and stregthened
by the other
it must be obsession
that causes me to dream
so often of you
the only other dreams i have
as frequently
are swift black spiders
spinning down towards me
i awake
i have considered
the possibility
they are the same dream

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