Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Canadian women horror writers

This is a note to self to check out Susie Moloney's 361 Belisle St. and Kelley Armstrong's The Reckoning. Both are Canadians - another underrepresented group of authors on international lists. Usually, they are just subsumed under Americans. Think of Douglas Coupland and Saul Bellow. They are the two most prominent Canadian novelists to rarely get credited as Canadians.

361 Belisle St first, I think. Haunted houses are a favorite of mine. I'm unsure why but I think it has to do with the psychology of houses. Homes are supposed to be safe. When they are not, where do you go? Whether it is domestic horror or supernatural horror, houses are symbolic of so many things: boundaries, thresholds, windows, doors, floors, ceilings, passageways, niches. All of them have symbolic abstracted meanings as well as concrete ones.

I often dream of rooms and houses. Sometimes they're fairly empty. Sometimes they are overflowing. Sometimes I know who owns them, sometimes they are mine, and sometimes they just are. Some of the dreams are dark and some are nostalgic. I am fascinated by what the dreams mean - if anything. Sometimes bits and pieces of memory are woven into the dream. Sometimes it is just sorting out the debris of a full day. Sometimes I wake up and know I need to change something in my life.

I had a dream once that I was at the bottom of well or in a cave or basement or some such space and there was a rope dangling above my head. I managed to pull the rope and dislodge the stones and everything came tumbling down on top of me, but I was free. Confining spaces and getting out; typically Gothic, and a typical feminine trope.

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